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Manufacturer's P/N: ACCIOT-INJ09
Manufacturer: Kerlink
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PoE Injector 30 W outdoor + kit (KLK02953 + KLK03215)
TypePOE power supply
Power30 W
Standard packaging:
1 pcs.

Minimum order:
1 pcs.

Minimum batch:
1 pcs.

In stock:


  • Sniffer for LBT (Listen Before Talk),
  • Rx Sensitivity: -141 dBm (SF12),
  • X Power: configurable from 5dBm to 30dBm,
  • Range -40°C +60°C, (for gateway only, without power supply),
  • Humidity: 5% to 95%,
  • Out-band radio scanners to monitor the entire band to detect real load of the band (Spectrum analysis compliant),
  • Backup batteries to allow the clean shut down of applications in case of power cut,
  • Power:
    • – Power Over Ethernet 30W for Compact version (accessory),
    • – Power Over Ethernet 60W for Standard version (accessory),
    • – Power Over Ethernet 48V DC class 4 (accessory),
    • – DC power supply (ex : solar panel use) : 11 to 56V DC (accessory),
    • – Power control : ignition detection, software OFF switching, ON/OFF button.

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