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Overview of LoRaWAN terminal devices from JM elektronik's offering - sensors for temperature and humidity measurement, window and door opening sensor, sensors for light intensity measurement, ultrasonic distance measurement, controllers for controlling devices via LoRaWAN network, input-output modules, on-off switches


LoRaWAN, as a communication standard, encompasses hundreds of thousands of devices in Poland. Globally, the number of LoRaWAN end devices is growing geometrically, attracting the attention of worldwide manufacturers of various sensors and detectors.

This popularity is due to LoRaWAN's design, which is specifically tailored for communication over long distances (even in kilometers) while maintaining minimal energy consumption. This allows devices to operate for several years on a single set of batteries, simplifying installation and eliminating the need for any cabling, including power wires.

LoRaWAN offers a great choice

The growing popularity of LoRaWAN and the increasing number of manufacturers are leading to lower prices without compromising quality. This is thanks to the LoRa Alliance, which brings together major manufacturers to ensure compatibility and set development directions.

In a LoRaWAN network, devices from multiple manufacturers can operate together, benefiting users who can choose devices based on price and functionality. These devices will still collaborate with others in the same LoRaWAN network. JM Electronics is a leading promoter of LoRaWAN technology in Poland, supplying network devices for major Smart City and Smart Metering projects, and organizing training sessions. JM Electronics engineers qualify suppliers, independently test devices, support clients in initial setups, and provide technical support, including direct contact with the manufacturer.

Become more LoRaWAN with JM Electronics

JM Electronics invites you to view a comprehensive 11-minute video, which presents a wide portfolio of sensors and detectors controlled by LoRaWAN networks, available on their B2B purchasing portal.

In the nearly 11-minute video, you will find information about:

  • Sensors measuring temperature and humidity for Smart Building/Home;
  • A sensor monitoring the opening status of windows and doors;
  • Sensors measuring light intensity and detecting motion in rooms;
  • An ultrasonic distance sensor;
  • A sensor with a mounted temperature and humidity detector on a wire, dedicated to Smart Factory;
  • Intelligent switches, including 230VAC network switches;
  • Controllers with I/O modules.
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