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Take a look at the different LoRaWAN servers - commercial and open source versions - as well as the video training with Kerlink's WMC


In Poland, an estimated 400,000 devices operate in LoRaWAN networks, while globally, the number of LoRaWAN Gateways has surpassed one million. LoRaWAN, a wireless communication protocol, is designed for low power consumption and long-range capabilities, making it ideal for extensive usage in Smart Building/Home applications due to its features like long battery life, resistance to interference, no need for cable routing for power or data transmission, and excellent signal propagation.

The architecture of LoRaWAN networks necessitates the use of a LoRaWAN server. These servers are available in commercial, licensed, and open-source versions. This article aims to provide an overview of the available choices, including a video training on one of the options from Kerlink.

Kerlink's LoRaWAN Wanesy Management Center (WMC) is a notable example. A free video training is offered, demonstrating how to add a sensor to the WMC. This cloud-based server allows for global network management, offering users access and flexibility in administration.

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WMC is distinguished by advanced tools that simplify daily network operations. Developed in collaboration with a major telecom operator, it is designed to manage large networks, enabling simultaneous supervision of multiple devices, data analysis, and remote updates. Integration with various application servers is a key feature. WMC also benefits from strong support from Kerlink, including quick assistance and regular software updates.

From a financial perspective, WMC operates on a licensing model, with costs flexibly adjusted to the number of devices used, making it an economical option for quality and functionality.

Kerlink also offers another server solution, the Small Private Network (SPN). SPN is highly functional, allowing the application server to run directly on the gateway, eliminating the need for additional hosting. Remote log viewing enables easy network monitoring and adjustment of radio parameters. SPN supports various protocols, broadening its capabilities.

The network can be set up in two configurations: MONO, where a single gateway forms the entire network, or MASTER/SLAVE, allowing up to 20 gateways and 5000 devices. SPN users also benefit from continuous updates and professional support, enhancing reliability and confidence in network operations.

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