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About us

JM elektronik has developed three main areas of activity since its establishment in 1990:

  • Distribution of industrial computers and automation modules,
  • Electronic components distribution,
  • Electronics manufacturing services.


JM elektronik facts & figures:

  • turnover exceeding PLN 60 million per year,
  • almost 1000 active clients,
  • warehouse of almost 8,000 line items at the company's headquarters in Gliwice,
  • company floor area: 5500m2 (own building)
  • employment: over 150 employees,
  • Certified Quality Managemenet System: ISO 9001:2015,
  • Certified Environmental Management System: ISO 14001:2015.
  • Regardless of the kind of product range our clients are interested in, whether they are end customers or resellers, integrators or OEMs, we always approach their needs individually

Industrial computers and automation

We have built our offer only on the basis of reliable global suppliers, which secures the investments of our clients in terms of high quality, resistance to difficult operating conditions and long-term availability of equipment. Based on direct contracts with manufacturers, we eliminate  brokers, which gives us the opportunity to propose attractive conditions. Cooperation confirmed by contracts allows us to support customers in accordance with the terms of warranty and post-warranty service, and more importantly, protects our customers against the purchase of equipment not meant for the European market, as well as withdrawn or counterfeit equipment. Based on our own logistics resources, we have the ability to control every item sent to our customers.

It should be emphasized that engineering support is provided by our company already at the stage of the enquiry. Dedicated application engineers and Product Manager analyze market trends on an ongoing basis, introduce new products to the offer and advise our clients so that the implemented investment has the best value for money and long term protection. At the client's request, we provide integration services and commissioning support.



Electronic components

Over the past three decades, the profile of the electronics industry in Poland has changed, and following these changes, our company has developed new areas of competence. In previous decades, the price and stock availability of electronic components was important. With the development of the segment of suppliers of electronic components from the Far East and the development of surface mounting technology, the availability of electronic components has increased and their price has dropped. At the same time, the phenomenon of placing defective, counterfeit or non-compliant goods on the market has spread around the world, and these risks are increased by purchases using global, electronic and low-budget purchasing platforms, where the supplier can withdraw from business overnight.

We have developed particularly unique competences in the field of semiconductor components used in wireless communication, encryption systems and energy-efficient CPUs.

It is also worth emphasizing our competence in the field of power supply systems, including primary and secondary cells and batteries, as well as capacitive and inductive passive elements, including those dedicated, developed and implemented at the client's request.

From the very beginning JM elektronik has paid special attention to the quality and reliability as well as documented origin of electronic components from its offer. At the same time, the company has developed competence in the field of project support for its clients. Minimizing the cost of developing a new product and reducing the time of its introduction to the market is becoming increasingly important for companies in the electronics industry. JM electronics application engineers provide knowledge transfer directly from leading or specialized producers to engineers, developers, development department managers, which translates into a series of cyclical trainings and individual project sessions. Thanks to the cooperation with our company, customers choose elements that ensure long life of electronic devices, but also elements the use of which increases the competitiveness of the finished product (smaller sizes, lower energy consumption, functional advantages) or ensures longer production periods without having to change the hardware.

Our own warehouse facilities and an experienced team responsible for logistics and supply enable us to carry out full BOM order completion for our clients, ensuring the storage of electronic components in the conditions required by them. JM elektronik supports its clients by implementing cost optimization projects by proposing alternative elements and replacements to those used by clients in the BOM.

Electronics Manufacturing Services

Contract manufacturing services have been implemented for JM elektronik customers for over20 years. Today, the production plant in Zabrze fulfills production contracts for the largest and most innovative customers involved in security systems, medical devices, household appliances, POS devices, based on the most modern production lines. A significant part of our production is carried out for foreign customers, mainly for Scandinavian, German and Austrian companies, but also the Middle East.

You can find more about our EMS activity on a dedicated website

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