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Microcontrollers, Digital Signal Controllers and Microprocessors, 8-bit MCUs, 16-bit MCUs & DSCs, 32-bit MCUs, MPUs, Wireless Connectivity, 802.15.4, Bluetooth, Infrared, IR Control, Lora Technology, MiWi Protocol, Power Amplifiers, RF Identification, Sub-GHz, Wi-Fi, Wireless Audio, Zigbee, Security ICs, CryptoAuthentication, CryptoAutomotive, TPM, Trust Platform, Interface and Connectivity, CAN, CoaXpress, Hight-Voltage Interface, Infrared, INICnet, LIN, Line Circuits, Line Drivers, Serial Peripherals, USB, Data Converters, Analog-to-Digital Converters, DC Power Current Monitors, Digital Potentiometers, Digital-to-Analog, Converters , Voltage References, Analog, Amplifiers and Linear, Wired or wireless solutions (CAN, LIN, INICnet technology, CoaXpress, USB and Ethernet, Line drivers and line circuits) Data Converters, Interface (High-voltage interface: Driver arrays, amplifier arrays, DMOS FETs. MEMS and piezo drivers), Power Management (LDOs, switching regulators, PMICs, Digitally Enhanced Power Analog controllers, DC-DC controllers, MOSFET drivers), Sensors, Touch and Gesture, 1D Touch- Buttons, Sliders, Wheels, 2D Touch- maXTouch- Turnkey Multi-touch, 2D Touch- MCU Based Touch Pads, 3D Gestures, Memory, OTP EPROM, Parallel EEPROM, Parallel Flash, Serial EEPROM, Serial EERAM, Serial Flash, Serial SRAM, Power over Ethernet, PoE PD ICs, PoE PSE ICs, PoE Systems, Clock and Timing, Atomic Clocks, Automotive Timing, Buffers, Clock and Data Distribution, Clock Generation, Jitter Attenuation, MEMS Timing, Oscillators, PCIe Timing, Real-Time Clocks, SyncE and IEEE 1588, Amplifiers and Comparators, Comparators, Current Sense Amplifiers, DC Power Current Monitors, Instrumentation Amplifiers, Operational Amplifiers, PGAs, Embedded Controllers and Super I/0, Desktop and Super I/O, Embedded and Keyboard Controllers, Expansion and Legacy I/O, FPGAs and PLDs, AT40Kxx Coprocessor Series FPGAs, FPGA Configuration Memory, SPLDs/CPLDs, High-Speed Networking and Video, ARCNET, Clock and Data Recovery ICs, CoaXpress, Ethernet, Fiber Optic Module Chipsets, High-Speed Communications, Video Equalizers, Video Sub-Systems, Video Transceivers, LED Drivers and Backlighting, Power Management, AC-DC Controllers, Battery Management, DC-DC Controllers, DC-DC Converters & Regulators, Hot-Swap Controllers, MOSFET Drivers, Motor Drivers, PMIC - Power Management ICs, Power Modules, Power Switches, Silicon Carbide (SiC) Devices, Voltage Supervisors & References, Sensors, CO and Smoke Detectors ICs, Current Sense Amplifiers, Fan Controllers, Horn Driver ICs, Inductive Position Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Thermocouple ICs, Smart Energy/metering, Metering, Power Line Communications, Wireless Communications

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