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WS202 is a light intensity and motion sensor from Milesight working in LoRaWAN to reduce energy consumption and increase security


LoRaWAN is a low-energy wireless communication network that allows connecting devices and sensors into a coherent whole with an operating range of up to several kilometers, and can be used in basements, inside reinforced concrete structures, and on factory floors due to its immunity to interference. Sensors in a LoRaWAN network can run on the same battery for years, which in turn translates into no need to run power from the network, forge walls, lay cable routes and trays.

Smart Home, Smart Building with Milesight

Before we introduce a new supplier and its product, our application engineers carefully check whether the manufacturer's declarations coincide with the device's capabilities. As far as Milesight is concerned, the results of these tests have been positive, and we can advise you to purchase products from this company at JM elektronik. Our engineers will also pass on the knowledge obtained from the manufacturer and help you get your application up and running.

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WS202 for energy savings and improved safety

A sensor designed for Smart Home and Building applications is WS202 - a light intensity and motion sensor. The sensor is great for offices, corridors, stairwells, parking lots or home applications. WS202 measures the brightness of the light, which allows you to adjust the lighting in the room, or light the lamps by twilight.

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Thanks to the motion sensor, you can additionally take into account the presence of people in the room's lighting, turning off the lighting after a certain period of time after motion stops, or turning it on when motion is detected.

The WS202 uses a PIR sensor with a detection area of 120° horizontally and 100° vertically, and has a range of up to 8m.

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A sensor operating from 0 to 60000 lux is responsible for measuring light intensity, and it is possible to set brightness and dimming thresholds thanks to software provided by Milesight.

WYSIWYG - milesight-ws202-background-7.jpgAs with other devices made by Milesight, the WS202 has a dedicated app and the ability to be configured using NFC technology. The sensor is powered by a replaceable ER14335 battery with a capacity of 1650mAh.

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