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Smart Home / Smart Building: control indoor air quality with the Adeunis Comfort CO2


We present the latest Adeunis device for air quality control: Comfort CO2, dedicated Smart Building / Smart Home using the LoRaWAN network for communication. 

There’s no need to any cables - power (battery powered) or signal cables (effective wireless transmission). It makes devices equipped with LoRaWAN transmission useful in new applications. 

The increase in the number of devices working in the LoRaWAN network is influenced by the fact that they do not require subscription to mobile network operators. 

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  • CO2, temperature, humidity, alarm button, dry contact input 

Periodically monitor : 

  • temperature 
  • humidity level 
  • CO2 concentration 
  • Count the number of events on the alarm button or dry contact input 

And/or trigger an alarm if: 

  • high or low threshold(s) are exceeded 
  • press the alert button 
  • event on the dry contact input 

Additional features: 

  • User information: indicator light on the unit 
  • CO2 calibration: automatic or manual via button or downlink 
  • Data sending mode: periodic and/or on events 
  • Optimisation of autonomy: historisation 
  • Data accessibility: redundancy 
  • Alarm repetition in case of persistent event 
  • Error / fault management: configuration error, low battery 
  • Data time-stamping (LoRaWAN) 
  • Network quality test at start-up (LoRaWAN) 

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  • Immediate viewing of network coverage data (radio power and received signal strength) 
  • Geolocation of measurement points 
  • Dedicated Web application 
  • Reference product highly praised by public network operators 
  • Available in LoRaWAN US902-928 / AS 923 et Sigfox RC4 versions 


Representatives of companies interested in Adeunis devices and sensors, or other devices used in the network, or to build the LoRaWAN network, please contact us at the following e-mail address: sprzedaz[at] 

If you haven’t registered yet on JM elektronik’s B2B Portal, You can do it via link >>  

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