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Minimal size and two graphics outputs in 4K quality, embedded computer shockproof according to MIL-STD: TANGO-3010 from IEI


After a period of disruption in the world's supply chains, IEI is surprising with new and very interesting industrial computer designs. The brand new TANGO series of computers combines small size with specialized applications as a graphics station, a platform for Firewall/VPN or computers for even military applications, meeting MIL-STD standards.

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The TANGO-3010 computer is not much bigger in size than a cell phone, and its name suggests the possibility of using it in many configurations, like in various figures in a dance.

Clever assembly and brilliant idea of mechanical solutions - the frame as in a tango

The new TANGO-3010 minicomputer has a compact size of only 139 x 137 x 39.8 mm, which allows it to be placed on the back of a monitor. The computer, thanks to the possibility of VESA mounting on both planes, from a mechanical point of view, acts as a spacer/transformer.

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As in the tango - dancing with high dynamics, working with high efficiency

Despite its small size, the computer has powerful components that allow it to work under heavy load. iEi has equipped the TANGO-3010 computer with a powerful quad-core Intel Celeron J6412 processor clocked at 2.6 GHz. The processor guarantees increased performance of up to 73% over the previous generation. The processor is supported by an integrated Intel UHD graphics card, which provides 4K video display on two displays simultaneously.

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The TANGO-3010 features dual-channel, soldered-in LPDDR4x memory with a capacity of as much as 8GB. The speeds achieved by this memory reach up to 4267 MT/s. Such a result was achieved by lowering the voltage. Thanks to such a procedure, the output of the controller was reduced by 50% (from 1.2V to 0.6V), resulting in an 18-20% reduction in system power consumption.

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In the network of connections, including cable

The TANGO-3010's industrial pedigree manifests itself in the availability of a number of wired interfaces, used for communication with industrial automation and Industrial IoT devices.

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On the front of the device you will find two USB 3.2 ports, as well as two USB 2.0 ports. The availability of a total of as many as four USB ports makes it possible to connect a number of peripherals to the computer - keyboard, mouse, but also barcode reader, code printer, electronic scale, etc.

Serial transmission is provided by two COM ports: one in RS-232 standard, and the other RS-232/422/485.

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