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Milesight EM310-UDL ultrasonic distance sensor with LoRaWAN data transmission enclosed in a sealed IP67 enclosure


How to detect the threat of flash floods? How to control the occupancy of parking spaces effectively? How to control the filling level of waste containers? There are many applications for ultrasonic sensors, so we present the EM310-UDL by Milesight, operating in a LoRaWAN network, on battery power with an IP67 enclosure.

JM elektronik supports its customers with advice from application engineers, and we expand our LoraWAN offering after performing our own tests, after which we would like to introduce you to one of the sensors, which is the Milesight EM310-UDL (Ultrasonic Distance/Level Sensor).


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Milesight is a well-known manufacturer of sensors based on LoRaWAN. They have a wide range of devices for Smart Building, Smart Agriculture, as well as Smart City applications.

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Milesight distinguishes itself in the market by providing application software along with the sensors. In the case of the EM310-UDL, it is an application supported using NFC technology. All you have to do is bring the device close to your phone, and the Milesight app will guide you through the entire setup process in a few clicks.

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The EM310-UDL sensor, thanks to its specification, can measure the distance to the liquid mirror. By equipping it with LoRaWAN data transmission technology, it has a long operating time on a single battery cell and kilometer-long ranges. By using LoRaWAN communication in the free band, users are not charged additional subscriber costs by telecom operators.

Sensors of this type are often placed in places with poor GSM network coverage - in inspection wells, sewage systems, under bridges, under culverts, or in canals. The Milesight sensor, thanks to its IP67-rated housing and temperature range of -15 to 60 degrees C, perfectly meets the environmental requirements.

The power supply for the Milesight EM310-UDL sensor is provided by two ER17505 cells, made with lithium-thionyl technology, which, with 10-minute measurement intervals and 20 data uploads per day, ensure the device's operation for up to 10 years.

The device is IP67 waterproof certified, confirming its waterproofness even when submerged up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.WYSIWYG - milesight-em310-udl_obrazek_03.jpg

The sensor uses two ultrasonic sensors to measure distance, detecting distances from 3 cm to 450 cm with a resolution of 1 mm (up to 30 mm from the sensor).

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The sensor can be placed on the lid of the container and provide real-time information about the filling status. Thanks to such use, the dispatcher will know in what state the containers are full and will send the team to the appropriate places, without losing time and fuel for driving to empty garbage cans. The device also has an accelerometer that can count the number of times the container flap is opened.

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