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Manufacturer's P/N: KEYS3012
Manufacturer: Keystone Electronics Corp.

Surface & thru hole mount compact contacts
Standard packaging:
1 pcs.

Minimum order:
1 pcs.

Minimum batch:
1 pcs.

In stock:

Economical and reliable retainer contacts are designed for quick and easy battery installation and replacement. Perfect for memory back-up applications. Surface and Thru Hole mount retainer contacts are available for 6.8mm to 24mm lithium coin cell batteries.

  • Low profile for densely packed PCBs
  • Retains cell securely, withstands shock & vibrations
  • Reliable dual spring contacts assure low contact resistance
  • Polarity clearly marked (+)
  • Stable thru mount legs for increased strength
  • Balanced & lightweight for reliable pick-up & placement
  • Compatible with vacuum and mechanical pick & place assembly systems
  • “Flow-Hole” SMT solder tail design for increased joint strength
  • Viewable solder tails assures reliable joint inspection
  • All conductive polystyrene carrier tape meets ANSI/EIA- 481 standard


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