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Manufacturer's P/N: HT45F8554 48LQFP-EP
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8bit, BMS MCU, Vinmax=36V, 8KB/512B
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5000 pcs.

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5000 pcs.

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The HT45F8554 is a Flash Memory type 8-bit high performance RISC architecture microcontroller with an integrated accumulative cell voltage monitor module, designed for Li-Battery Protection applications.

For memory features, the Flash Memory offers users the convenience of multi-programming features. Other memory includes an area of RAM Data Memory as well as an area of true EEPROM memory for storage of non-volatile data such as serial numbers, calibration data etc.

Analog features include a multi-channel 12-bit A/D converter, a comparator, a high accuracy voltage regulator and Li-ion rechargeable battery protection functions. Multiple and extremely flexible Timer Modules provide timing, pulse generation and PWM output functions. Communication with the outside world is catered for by including fully integrated SPI, I2C, and UART interface functions, three popular interfaces which provide designers with a means of easy communication with external peripheral hardware. Protective features such as an internal Watchdog Timer, Low Voltage Reset and Low Voltage Detector coupled with excellent noise immunity and ESD protection ensure that reliable operation is maintained in hostile electrical environments.

A full choice of external and internal low and high oscillator functions are provided including fully integrated system oscillators which require no external components for their implementation. The ability to operate and switch dynamically between a range of operating modes using different clock sources gives users the ability to optimise microcontroller operation and minimise power consumption.

An accumulative cell voltage monitor and a high accuracy voltage regulator are provided for 3 to 8 cell Li-ion rechargeable battery applications. The accumulative cell voltage monitor is used to monitor an accumulative voltage from 1 to N and output the divide-by-N voltage to the analog multiplexer with a ±0.5% divided ratio accuracy which can then be connected to the integrated A/D converter channel for measurement.

The inclusion of flexible I/O programming features, Time Base functions along with many other features ensure that the device will find excellent use in applications such as handheld measurement instruments, electric power tools, handheld hair dryers, handheld vacuum cleaners in addition to many others.


  • max. frequency: 16MHz
  • max. VIN: 36V
  • 5V LDO
  • program memory: 8Kx16
  • data memory: 512x8
  • data EEPROM: 128x8
  • I/O: 21
  • timer: 10-bit PTM×1, 16-bit CTM×1, 16-bit STM×1
  • ADC: 12-bit×8
  • interface: UART×1, SPI/I²C×1
  • case: 48LQFP-EP

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