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Manufacturer: Hahn Trafo
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Printed circuit board transformer 0,50VA 230V 1x 6V 83mA
Maximum power0,5VA
Primary voltage230V
Secondary voltage1x6V
Standard packaging:
5 pcs.

Minimum order:
1 pcs.

Minimum batch:
5 pcs.

In stock:


  • primary voltages from 12 V to 250 V or 2 x 12 V to 2 x 125 V
  • secondary voltages from 2 V to max. 38 V or 2 x 2 V  max 2 x 19 V
  • output power up to 3.6 VA
  • short circuit proof
  • vaccuum-encapsulated, bobbin with dual chamber windings
  • temperature class ta 40oC/F and ta 70oC/F
  • 100% piece inspection
  • excellent temperature fluctuation resistance properties
  • self-extinguishing cast housing and sealing material
  • minimal size available


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