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AM20CWR-ZK: new converters for industrial and railway applications from Aimtec


The AM20CWR-ZK by Aimtec is a 20-watt DC / DC converter, built in accordance with the guidelines of the EN50155 standard.

AM20CWR-ZK has a wide input voltage range of 13-176 VDC and an output voltage from 3.3-15 VDC.

Such a wide input and output voltage range at 20W enables a full range of converter applications, not only in rail vehicles, but also in the broadly understood industry. 

The converter has a wide operating temperature range: from -40 to 100 deg. A characteristic feature of the converter is a built-in radiator in the housing. The pin fin heat sink structure enables effective heat dissipation, regardless of the converter location, without hindering the installation and operation.

AM20CWR-ZK has dimensions of 28x28x16mm and with a weight of just 23 grams it provides high efficiency in the range of 84% -90% (depending on the model).

AM20CWR-ZK has a high rate of trouble-free MTBF operation of up to 190,000 hours, which corresponds to a period of almost 22 years of trouble-free operation, assuming work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Such a high and repeatable MTBF coefficient was achieved, among others, thanks to the high quality assembly in the automated production process.

The converter is protected against overvoltage up to 3kV. AM20CWR-ZK provides output short-circuit protection (OSCP), output current overflow protection (OCP) and output overvoltage protection (OVP).

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