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AIE-CN11/21 fanless computer from Aetina built for NVIDIA's Jetson NX for industrial applications using artificial intelligence


AI applications, although widely discussed in the media, are not always associated with specific applications in industry, where they have long been used with full success. It is thanks to AI that optical quality control, sorting or even logistics supported by AGV autonomous trucks have developed.

Intel, supporting the OpenVino environment, and NVIDIA, promoting its proprietary Jetson solution, are the most frequently chosen hardware platforms for AI applications.

It is worth noting that JM elektronik provides a full choice of hardware platform to the authors of a given AI application, supporting engineers with solutions compatible with both Intel and NVIDIA environments.

NVIDIA's ecosystem certifies hardware platform vendors, focusing on standardizing the Jetson platform within an increasingly powerful lineup, from NANO to TX2, Xavier NX to AGX. Within the Jetson platform, NVIDIA ensures design compatibility, so that an application deployed on NANO can be scaled without worry, all the way up to the most powerful AGX.

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Today, the Aetina DeviceEdge Mini Series-M1 model AIE-CN11/21 joins the ranks of Aetina's offerings.WYSIWYG - aetina-AIE-CN11_21_obrazek_01.jpg

The AIE-CN11/21 is distinguished by its compact 132.6 x 88.7 x 63.6 mm and fanless design, despite its high performance. The manufacturer recommends the AIE-CN11/21 in data analysis and image recognition applications implemented by Jetson NX.

The AIE-CN11/21's small size and weight of less than 1 kilogram facilitate mechanical integration, and its well-thought-out interfaces, communication. VESA and DIN-Rail mounting kits can be purchased with the computer.

The computer features two high-speed USB 3.2 ports and one USB-C port, two GbE Ethernet ports (including one PoE), as well as a range of I/O: 5xGPIO, 1xART, 12C 1xCAN Bus supported using the serial port.

Aetina DeviceEdge Mini Series-M1 provides 8 or 16GB RAM space for NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX artificial intelligence, depending on the version (CN11/CN21). The computer has a single HDMI connector transmitting full HD video. 


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The computer is equipped with a 16GB eMMC 5.1 Flash memory, and in addition a drive can be connected using the M.2 M-key 2242 connector - a 128GB SSD with ultra-fast NVMe interface is standard. Using the M.2 E-key 2230 connector, we can also connect a WiFi or Bluetooth module.

The AIE-CN11/21 is resistant to environmental conditions such as temperature fluctuations and shock, and can operate in a wide temperature range of up to -20°C ~ +50°C.

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NVIDIA has many implementations based on hardware running the Android operating system. With Android's many advantages, the demands placed on applications in the industry may require the use of another operating system that is considered more stable and secure.

The AIE-CN11/21 is compatible with the Linux operating system in its popular version: Ubuntu, which facilitates integration with a range of industrial automation equipment.

AIE-CN11/21 fanless computer from Aetina built for NVIDIA's Jetson NX for industrial applications using artificial intelligence
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