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Did you know that Artificial Intelligence supports the production of paper? Check out how!


We present the application of Artificial Intelligence that supports the production of paper. This solution can also be used in enterprises producing fabrics, wallpapers and even geotextiles, membranes, foil or roofing felt. It is also used in counting products on the production line, while processing information about the quality of the product. 

There is a high risk of defects in the final product in production processes, which may be the source of additional costs. The task of quality control processes is to minimize the risk of defects in products and their detection at the earliest possible stage of production. Quality control processes can be a source of high maintenance costs and the cause of reduced efficiency. 

Artificial Intelligence solutions improve production processes. They increase efficiency and reduce the cost of quality control. This quality control is extremely effectively supported by Artificial Intelligence systems, based on automatic optical inspection (AOI) mechanisms

ByteLAKE has developed a "wet line" detection solution that is being implemented with great success in the paper industry.

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In its solution, byteLAKE uses AI-dedicated computers from the JM elektronik offer. There is used ITG-100AI-E1/8GB/S-R10>> or TANK-880-Q370-I5R/8G/4A-R10>>

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JM elektronik and byteLAKE>> established cooperation in the field of Artificial Intelligence.  

This complete solution developed by byteLAKE is based on Intel's deep learning system and OpenVINO libraries. It is part of the Cognitive Services product dedicated to Industry 4.0 >>


The entire system is easy to integrate with the existing infrastructure. It has the option of learning during operation, which improves error detection algorithm.

Representatives of companies interested in Artificial Intelligence solutions, please contact us at: iit[at] 

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