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Perfect for LoRaWAN solutions: new WLR089U0 module and WLR089 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit


Microchip is one of the most respected members of the LoRa Alliance. In the article below, we will present you another proposal from the Microchip portfolio, the latest WLR089U0 module and the WLR089 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit.


The WLR089U0 module is an ultra-low power, regulatory certified LoRa module based on the ATSAMR34J18 LoRa IC. This module includes a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+ processor and offers 256KB of Flash and 40KB of SRAM (8KB battery backed) in a compact 17 x 13.5 mm package.  

With ultra-low power sleep currents as low as 790nA, the WLR089U0 modules are ideal for battery powered remote sensor applications. 

The module operates from 863 to 928 MHz and is FCC, IC and RED certified.  

Supported by WLR089 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit (EV23M25A), Atmel Studio and a detailed module reference design package, these modules highly simplify the development and accelerate the time to market for LoRa end-nodes. 


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Additional Features:

  • Ultra-low power LoRa Module 
  • Based on highly integrated, ultra-low power SAM R34/35 LoRa family 
  • Standalone module with 256 KB flash and 40KB RAM 
  • 863 to 928 MHz dual-band coverage 
  • Compact surface mount module : 17 mm x 13.5 mm size 
  • FCC, IC and RED certified


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WLR089 Xplained Pro 


The WLR089 Xplained Pro is a hardware platform designed to evaluate the WLR089U0 LoRa modules. 

The WLR089U0 modules are FCC, IC and RED certified.  This kit is not only an evaluation platform but also an excellent reference design for developing SAMR34/35 based LoRa end-node applications.

This kit is supported by the Atmel Studio, an integrated development platform, which provides predefined application examples. 


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  • Features ultra-low power WLr089U0 LoRa module with support for 862 - 1020 MHz Dual-mode,  
  • On-board debugger (EDBG) eliminates the need for external debugger, 
  • Two extension headers for signal breakout and expansion boards, 
  • On-board power management system with current monitoring, 
  • External Whip Antenna with u.FL included, 
  • Manual Reset Button and GPIO Button, 
  • Indicator LEDs for Status and Power, 
  • Supported by Studio 7 Integrated Development Platform and software examples in Advanced Software Framework (ASF). 


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If you are interested in technical and price specifications, please contact us at the following email address:  wireless[at]

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